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Catastrophic Leave

Catastrophic Leave

The WVU Catastrophic Leave Program allows eligible employees who are approved for a medical leave and will exhaust all of their own available sick leave, annual leave and other paid time off, the opportunity to apply for participation to receive donations from WVU qualified employees. Once approved, this program makes it possible for an employee to continue receiving pay, if sufficient donations are received.

Qualified recipients are leave eligible employees who are on an authorized medical leave due to their own or a qualified immediate family member’s serious medical condition, resulting in financial hardship due to the exhaustion of all paid leave. During participation in this program, the employee must comply with strict 2017 Donor Deadlines in order to receive pay.  Deadlines are subject to change at any time.

Qualified donors are WVU leave eligible employees who wish to donate their available sick and/or annual leave. This may be to an approved specific recipient or the Catastrophic Leave Donor Bank. Employees wishing to donate to a prospective recipient should do so as soon as possible, in order to ensure donation is received for timely application for the recipient. If you are leaving the University, your donated leave will only be used through your last active day.

Find a current list of WVU employees who are approved participants in WVU’s catastrophic leave program in the link below. To donate leave or for more information, call Medical Management at 293-5700×8. 

Catastrophic Leave Participants Seeking Donations